Saltwater aquarium marine things for sale

Post about the items, you want to sale. Prices are allowed but bargaining is prohibited. Only Admin/Moderator can reply. Seller and buyers are only responsible for any type of critics. is not responsible for any fraud in deal.
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Saltwater aquarium marine things for sale

Unread postby nanomania » Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:37 pm

For sale:
GSP colony 4x3 inch @ 5000
Hawaii leather finger colony 4" @ 3500
Purple/green plating galaxea frag @ 500
NLS loose algae max 75gms @ 450
NLS loose thera A 75gms @ 450
Redsea Alk test kit loose (65 tests left) @ 750
Seachem Reef Dip 250ml (used once almost unused) @ 500

Good Deals available. Corals cannot be shipped, rest can be shipped with an extra shipping cost. Mumbai.

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